Things To Do In Point Venture TX. The town of Point Venture, which is the home of famous Lake Travis, is located in the Texas Hill Country just outside the city of Austin. The lake itself covers approximately 30 square miles. Additionally, it is also considered to be one of the most popular lake getaways in the entire state of Texas.

There are all kinds of fun and exciting things to do in this area, so much so that after your visit, you won’t want to leave!

Here are three of the most fun things to consider doing both in and around Point Venture.

*First, there’s renting a boat for the entire day (or even longer). Whether you decide on a yacht or a faster boat with additional horsepower, you will certainly enjoy feeling the wind going through your hair while you’re out on the lake. Alternatively, if you plan on gathering with a larger-sized group, you may want to consider renting a Party Barge in order to accommodate everyone. These barges are double-decked and also offer plenty of shade and sun, as well as other amenities such as a tube slide. They also come equipped with floats, tables, grills, and restrooms as well.

*Next, there’s fishing. A vast majority of the inlets and coves on Lake Travis are the best spots for fishing, and in the event that you may be searching for additional insight regarding exactly where the best spot to fish is, you can take advantage of the large amount of guide services located in this area. Some of these services include Lake Travis Fishing Guide, Barefoot Fishing Tours, and Bushwacker Bait Co.

*Things To Do In Point Venture TX. Finally, there’s scuba diving. Lake Travis provides an amazing opportunity to observe all kinds of freshwater life. The scuba charter boats are typically small in size, holding up to only eight stations. This, however, means that your overall experience can be made much more personal, especially if you will be diving alongside a group of friends. Perhaps one of the most popular and newest spots includes Windy Point Park, which offers both underwater sculptures and boat wrecks.