Lake Travis Fishing. Lake Travis is considered to be the second largest reservoir in the Highland Chain of lakes that is made up by the Colorado River, and in addition to the role it plays for the city of Austin and the surrounding towns in Hill Country in terms of the economy, it also boasts some of the best bass fishing in the entire area.

Even though the majority of the shoreline of Lake Travis is legally private property, there are many different areas on the lake itself where you can fish for free right from the shore.

Here are three of the greatest free places to fish right from the shore of Lake Travis to consider making note of.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best free places to fish from the shore of Lake Travis is Tom Hughes Park, which is located on Hughes Park Road. Situated near Marshall Ford Marina, this is also an extremely popular swimming and hammocking area as well. There are times of the year where bass get close to the shoreline and hug the steep rocky shoreline in search of crawfish and other various species to feed on, making them easy to catch.

*Another of the best free places to fish from the shore of Lake Travis is Mansfield Dam Park, which is located on Mansfield Dam Park Road. Situated near the south end of Lake Travis and directly next to the dam itself, there is an ample amount of parking and a great amount of open shoreline that offers plenty of space to fish. There is also a cove that is protected, roped off with buoys in order to keep boats out.

*Lake Travis Fishing. One other free place to fish from the shore of Lake Travis is Windy Point Park, which is located on Bob Wentz Park Road. In addition to the big rocks and various other types of structure underneath the water that attract bass, this location also offers tables and barbecues to provide families with a fun way to spend the day.