Lake Travis Facts. When it comes to Lake Travis, there are all kinds of interesting facts that you may not have known about this beautiful spot within the city of Austin.

For instance, did you know that Lake Travis isn’t actually a natural lake? It’s actually a reservoir that was created when Mansfield Dam was constructed by the Lower Colorado River Authority, which began back in 1938, with Lake Travis becoming official our years later in 1942.

In terms of the size of Lake Travis, it measures approximately 63.75 miles long, 4.50 miles wide, encompasses 271 miles of shoreline, covers around 18,929 acres, 62 feet deep, and is capable of storing 256 gallons of water. The average water temperature of Lake Travis during the month of may is around 70 degrees, while during the peak summer months of between June through September, the average water temperature is approximately 86 degrees.

Lake Travis is also considered to be a great location for scuba diving as well, even though activities such as water skiing, fishing, boating, swimming, and sailing are also considered to be equally as popular. When full, the deepest portion of the lake between Hudson Bend and Volente is able to reach depths of 210 feet.

Lake Travis Facts. In terms of food, regardless of whatever you may be in the mood for, whether it be a burger and fries, restaurants in Lake Travis offer so many choices. For instance, The Oasis on Lake Travis is one place to consider visiting, as they offer a fantastic view of the lake itself. This family-friendly establishment measures a total of 30,000 square feet and is situated on a cliff 450 feet above the lake.