Family Activities Point Venture. One of the most popular regions in the state of Texas is considered to be Point Venture. No matter what your reason for visiting may be, you’re bound to always find something to do, especially if you’re in search of something that’s more family-friendly to partake in.

Here are three of the most fun family-friendly activities that you will be able to find in Point Venture.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best family-friendly activities in Point Venture is Pace Bend Park. This park features coves designed for activities such as swimming, cliff diving, picnics, camping, and so much more. It’s extremely important to note, however, that there are no lifeguards on duty at this park, so you are very highly encouraged to exercise safety at all times. Park entry prices begin at $10 per vehicle.

*Another of the best family-friendly activities in Point Venture is Beachside Billy’s Waterpark. This is a fun water park that is designed to combine the quickest water slides and party fun that is sure to de-stress anyone. Visitors are also permitted to bring along their own tubes for both the swim and lake areas. Entry prices range from between $16 to $21.

*Family Activities Point Venture. One other great family-friendly activity in Point Venture is Windy Point Park. This location is considered to be the top spot for diving in order to enjoy shipwrecks, walls of underwater canyons, and so much more. For those divers who are experienced, you can enjoy descending to depths of up to 100 feet. Additionally, activities such as swimming, picnics, and camping can also be enjoyed as well. Entry prices begin as low as $8 per person.